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IXgen Pricing and Purchase

New License Pricing

IXgen uses a progressive, stair-stepped pricing model. This provides a pricing curve that fairly prices IXgen over a wide range of quantities purchased. Here is the basic pricing model (all prices are in US dollars): Quantity Price 1 $249.00 initial copy 2-4 $149.00 each additional + first tier 5-9 $99.00 each additional + first and second tier 10+ $69.00 each additional + first, second, and third tier Here are sample price calculations using the above pricing structure: Price Example 1:    2 new IXgen licenses: 249+149 Price Example 2:    5 new IXgen licenses: 249+(149+149+149)+99  Price Example 3:    7 new IXgen licenses: 249+(149+149+149)+(99+99+99) Price Example 4:  12 new IXgen licenses: 249+(149+149+149)+(99+99+99+99+99)+(69+69+69) As you can see, each pricing tier is progressively added to establish the price. Here are  additional pricing examples that also show the percentage savings when you purchase more than one copy. Example Example Quantity Price Calculations Total Savings 2 249+149 398 20% 3 249+(2&149) 547 27% 4 249+(3*149) 696 30% 5 249+(3*149)+99 795 36% 6 249+(3*149)+(2*99) 894 40% 10 249+(3*149)+(5*99)+69 1260 49% 17 249+(3*149)+(5*99)+(8*69) 1743 59% 21 249+(3*149)+(5*99)+(12*69) 2019 61% 25 249+(3*149)+(5*99)+(16*69) 2295 63% Ready to order? We’ll be happy to provide a formal quotation if required. You can email a PDF copy of your purchase order; our terms are NET 30 days. Our invoice will disclose payment address information. Payment by check should be in US dollars drawn on a Federal-Reserve compliant check from a bank with a branch in the USA (this is generally automatic if you bank in the USA). You can use your PayPal account to place a credit card order. (We do not take credit cards directly.) Our Pay-to address in the PayPal system is franks@fsatools.com. NOTE: If you have ordered using a purchase order, you cannot pay at the end of 30 days using PayPal. The PayPal system can only be used when paying at the time the order is placed. We do not accept Swift, ACH, or other forms of wire payment.

Upgrading IXgen 7 Licenses to IXgen 7-10

The upgrade pricing model follows the above “new price” model, but at 40% of those levels. We’ll be happy to provide a formal quotation. We can look up your original order and apply the appropriate discounts for your upgrades.

Time Protections

Depending on when you purchase IXgen and when we might release a new version, time protections are provided. That is, if you purchase IXgen  and within a short time, say 30 days, a new version is released, you will not have to re-buy IXgen. Depending on the nature of what was added to the new IXgen version, you might pay nothing, or a small amount. Three protective time intervals are typically provided: 0-90 days; 91 to 180 days, and 181-365 days, with a larger percentage of new pricing applied as your ownership of IXgen ages.