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http://www.asindexing.org The American Society of Indexers (ASI) website offers a wealth of information covering many aspects of indexing. While emphasizing indexing performed by contract index professionals using stand-alone indexing tools, much can be learned here by technical writers doing their own embedded indexing (the typical IXgen user). In particular, the first five items in the ASI FAQ are brief but potent discussions about key areas of indexing, including: what, who, how, what not to do, and skills needed.
http://www.microtype.com Shlomo Perets offers advanced FrameMaker & Acrobat training, consulting and custom solutions. Visit the MicroType website for more info and free FrameMaker & Acrobat resources.
http://www.frameexpert.com Rick Quatro, from Carmen Publishing, is the leading expert in FrameScript. Rick can develop virtually any FrameMaker utility you need, along with offering a rich package of general-purpose scripts. Rick is also a contract editor and writer with extensive FrameMaker skills. Carmen Publishing also offers TableCleaner, a useful application to take the pain out of table formatting. TableCleaner can remove messy customizations; TableCleaner also offers global update options for table formatting.