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Installation and Licensing Issues

(For general technical support, please see FSA Resources>Technical Support.) You might see these errors in the IXgen>License dialog box. System Key, Error Code 14 This is a password format error, caused by missing dashes, extra spaces, or zeros typed as upper-case "O"s in the password. To clear this, go to IXGEN>LICENSE and enter the string "AAAA-2222-CCCC" in the password text box, replacing any string that might currently be in the password field. (But don't include the quote marks.) Click "Update Password". The password will still be invalid. But now try re-entering the password we sent you, but without changing the format of the password string. If “Password is invalid” is still indicated, resend us the long string from the system key field. It’s best to copy this string onto the clipboard (Control-C) then paste (control-V) into an email message to us. System Key, Error Code 67 IXgen was unable to access the registry. When initially running FrameMaker after installing IXgen to obtain your system key — or when installing your new password —be sure to run FrameMaker as administrator. This is easily done by using Windows Explorer to find framemaker.exe (located in the top-level folder of your FrameMaker install location), then right-clicking and selecting the “Run as Administrator” option. Once your password has been successfully installed, you will no longer need to run FrameMaker as administrator. Start FrameMaker as you normally would. System Key, Blank or “Unavailable” This is the same issue as Error Code 67, just above. Follow the suggestions there to correct the issue. System Key, Error Code 79 You've tripped a license security feature. Please contact us for instructions. Don't worry! Law enforcement isn't called on this one, but we'll need to know the specifics of your situation so that we can help you clear the error.

I thought I installed IXgen, but I don’t see “IXgen” in the main FrameMaker tool bar

(1) It’s possible you didn’t run the setup script, or the script was made ineffective by Windows security. Try again; make sure you right- click on setup.exe and “run as administrator”.  (2) If you have multiple versions of FrameMaker installed, you inadvertently selected the wrong FrameMaker to host IXgen. You can have IXgen installed on multiple versions of FrameMaker, so long as they are on the same machine. (3) You are using the “Profiles” featured added to FrameMaker sometime back. You need to move the IXgen API clients registration line from the general maker.ini file to the maker.ini file specific to your profile. (Most of our users do not use the Profiles feature. If you do need help with this, please contact us.)

Some Dialog boxes don’t work, or certain fields are grayed out

Uh oh, you’ve installed IXgen 7 (which is for FrameMaker versions 7, 8, or 9) on a more recent FrameMaker version, such as 10, 11, 12, etc. Go to the Downloads tab of IXgen Central and download IXgen 7-10 and reinstall IXgen. You don’t need to uninstall the old IXgen.

My Password is Expired!

Here are some possible reasons for this: Your demo period has concluded. Contact us to see if you’d be eligible for a renewal. Your order was placed on NET 30 terms, but 40 days have gone by and we have not received payment for your order. Please contact your Accounts Payable department and have them expedite payment. You’ve exceeded the six year maximum we place on any given password. No worries! We will renew at no charge. Your license usage is “forever” for any given IXgen revision, it’s just that we place this limit for technical reasons in how the password is generated. It’s extremely rare, though, that in six years something hasn’t changed — such as an operating system reload, new machine, new version of FrameMaker, and so on.

You just gave me a password and it doesn't work. What gives?

Not intentional. Did you transcribe the system key number rather than copying the system key from the IXgen>License dialog box and pasting it into your password request email to us? Did you transcribe the password we sent to you rather than pasting it into the password text box in the IXgen>License dialog box? Manual transcriptions are very error-prone. Please try copying and pasting the numbers rather than typing them. Verify the system key listed in the password email against the current system key listed in the IXgen>License dialog box. If they don’t match, you’ll need to resubmit your password request.

System-Related Operational Issues

IXgen Crashed, and took FrameMaker with it

This is rare; that statement comes from more than 20 years of field experience with IXgen. (And typically, it’s FrameMaker that crashes and takes IXgen with it.) But this can happen, and it’s usually due to one of these factors: (a) inadequate memory; likely made that way by “memory leaks” from having a Windows system running for several days in a row, or possibly a hardware problem with the memory. Reboot your machine from a power-off state. (b) heavily fragmented system disk, or a system disk that’s nearly full. Perform basic disk maintenance, such as removing temp files and defragmenting. ( c) Network performance issues if you’re serving your files from a remote computer. Verify that the network is running properly.

Usage Issues

Please review the “Operational Errors” portion of the “Problems and Solutions” chapter of the IXgen Users Guide. The answers provided there are more thorough than what can be posted here.