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What People Say
"I have [used IXgen] quite successfully. Some of the features that I really appreciated: [IXgen's] Markers from Tags. [I can] automatically drop markers in my first, second, and third level heads. In this way, all the tasks in my book were included in the index. [I can] make global changes or tweaks to entries as necessary. [IXgen's] Markers from keywords...saved me weeks of manual effort... I can't even quantify the time savings let alone the accuracy of having the software do this work for me. [I can run] the spell checker on a table  [of index marker text generated by IXgen] and fix everything at once instead of on a marker-by-marker basis. "[With IXgen] I now no longer dread doing an index with Frame..." — Karen Aidi, Quickturn Design, Mountain View, California "Start-up/learning IXgen took less time than [composing a typical] email."   — Susan Frahm Modlin, Publications Consultant, Oakland, California "What a wonderful indexing tool!  I used it last week during crunch time on a manual that was at least 300 pages long.  [A] job that would have taken one - two days to complete took me 1-1/2 [hours] with IXgen.  And the index looks beautiful!" — Alicia Delserone, Metapath, Bellevue, Washington "We have been very pleased with the performance of IXgen." — Micheal Rubinstein, Lucent Technologies, Pleasanton, California "We love your IXgen tool immensely! What a time saver!" — Liz Lynch, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, New Jersey "As a lone writer maintaining several sets of docs for several products, I need all the helpful, time-saving tools I can get, and IXGen is soooo nice!" — Gwen Fremonti, Prime Factors, Eugene, Oregon "I must congratulate you on [IXgen,] an excellent product." — Gawie du Toit, Zebra Publications, Hout Bay, South Africa "I want to congratulate you on your fine product.  IXgen [is] an invaluable FrameMaker tool.  During a real production crunch, it significantly reduced the amount of work required to update old manuals and transfer information from one documentation set to another.  Great job!" — Jenise Aminoff, Kenan Systems, Cambridge, Massachusettes "We have evaluated IXGEN for Windows...and we find this tool to be outstanding. " — Jeff Ferris, Advanced Micro Devices, Austin, Texas "I was pretty sure I wanted IXGen just from reading about it.  Now that I've used it, I won't work on indexes in FrameMaker without it!" — Roland Pesch, Wind River Systems, Alameda, California

What people say about FSA

"Excellent product. Very good. It saves me hours managing indices. Wouldn't work without it. Very simple to use and incredibly powerful." — Sharon Burton-Hardin, Anthrobytes Consulting, Riverside, California "[IXgen] is a great product!" — Laurence Burrows, Navex Pty Ltd., Melbourne, Australia "How do I love IXgen; let me count the ways..." — Natasha Salvo, Gensym Software, Cambridge, Massachusettes "Please send me a password for IXgen (which, by the way, is the greatest thing since sliced bread!)." — John Breithaupt, Gensym Software, Cambridge, Massachusettes "We at MetaWare are big fans of IXgen." — John Wheeler, Metaware, Santa Cruz, California "I have been incredibly impressed with Frank Stearns' great support for [IXgen]." — Lyndia Wong, FarPoint Technologies, Morrisville, North Carolina "I wanted to write and tell you what a fabulous and time-saving tool your product [IXgen] is... Being able to expand markers in individual chapters, and also to generate lists of markers that could be edited and propagated back into a Frame document (and even a book file) was absolutely great! It saved me untold hours of data entry...and aggravation." — A Grateful Frame User [This user works in the publications department at a leading manufacturer of workstations and servers. This company currently has 18 IXgen licenses. Company policy prohibits employee or company identification] "IXgen...work[s] GREAT!" — Hadar Hawk, Consultant to Rational Software, Boulder, Colorado "My firm commissioned [Frank Stearns of FSA] to write customized code a couple of years ago, and he came through magnificently. He gave us all the support we needed and more, he was always prompt to return calls, and was always gracious and friendly... as well as being the consummate professional. I suspect that if IXgen does not work as you expect Frank will go to virtually any lengths to ensure it does. I cannot speak warmly enough of Frank. He's a good guy... very good." — Gary Babcock, CALC, Sausolito, California "We've been happily using IXgen all summer as we rewrite our entire documentation set. What a time-saver it has been!" — Peggy Simmons, UNIDATA, Denver, Colorado "Thank you for your prompt and professional assistance. It was a sincere pleasure working with you." — Charlotte Bridges, ESRI, Redlands, California
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