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IXgen Central
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IXgen Central is where you can download, install, license, and link to additional information about IXgen. When you’re ready to go, follow these basic steps: 1. Click Downloads to obtain the IXgen User Guide and the IXgen distribution suitable for your version of FrameMaker. Put these into a new, empty folder. (Using the desktop or general temporary folder is not recommended.) 2. Click Installation to get directions on what to do with the downloaded IXgen Distribution. 3. Click Licensing and follow the instructions there to obtain your demonstration or permanent license. You’ll send us some information, and we’ll send a password back to you. 4. Click Password to see how to apply the new IXgen password that we’ll send to you. Want to skip the detailed steps and try a “Quick Start” installation and licensing session? (You can always go click on any of the detailed step buttons (to the left) as needed.) For your convenience, here are several links to additional information about IXgen. IXgen White Paper  Describes many aspects of IXgen, including a detailed summary of IXgen features and pricing. The BOTTOM LINE  A "real-world" cost analysis shows how IXgen can pay for itself in a few sessions of use, perhaps even a single day. Why Index? A philosophical discussion of indexing. Five Year Warranty Describes the unusual application of software performance warranty. FAQ Covers several common questions about IXgen. Troubleshooting Having difficulties? Your answer(s) might be in this section. Uninstalling IXgen Use this page if you need to uninstall or temporarily disable IXgen.
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